As a part of the many services provided the resellers, Splash of Color offers reseller oriented marketing programs, sales & product training, joint sales calls on key customers, use of the demonstration facilities and use of the corporate training facilities for end user seminars.

  • Service Training for Reseller Technicians
  • Sales and Product Training for Resellers
  • Sales Seminars for Resellers
        - Prospecting Techniques
        - Lead Tracking and Follow-up Techniques
        - Building Relationships
        - Synergistic Selling
  • Installation Services
  • National Technical Phone Support
  • Depot Service and Product Refurbishment
  • Newsletter to keep resellers update of current events and programs

Splash of Color hosts its own Internet web site, providing up-to-date information:

  • Product information
  • Links to each of our manufacturers
  • pdf Data sheets on all products available for downloading
  • Password protected access for resellers to current pricing