Textile Printer DFP-1320 G4-12

ATPColor presents the fastest Digital Fabric Printer with the print quality of 7pl droplet size. Revolutionize your traditional dye sublimation process with the DFP-1320 Direct to textile digital printer.

The merging of two cutting edge technologies has revolutionized the traditional dye sublimation process. Designed to meet the demands of the finest textile printers, the DFP-1320 provides the textile and soft signage industry a unique labor saving, cost effective and high quality textile printing solution.

Featuring eight or twelve advanced piezo print heads and a proprietary firing pattern, the DFP prints at up to 165 sqm/hr while producing outstanding image quality at 48 sqm/hr through the longest production runs.Maximize your production workflow with roll-to-roll operation and unattended printing.

On Board Color Fixation.

With its onboard calender and color fixation process, the printer's intelligent media-handling system fine-tunes the media-feeding process to ensure precise printing. Once printed, the media passes through a temperature controlled heating system equipped with an infrared thermometer; the system monitors and adjusts the heating process to ensure a quick and even curing. It is this innovative addition that removes the need for the traditional sublimation process with a heat press. High quality, vibrant colors are printed and sublimated directly on the fabric without the operator lifting a finger. Forget transporting printed rolls to the heat press, when it comes off the system the job is finished.

Special Textile Handling System

The ATPColor direct-to-fabric printing system is equipped with an intelligent media handling system that is precisely fine tuned for textile printing. The engineered system features two precision stepping motors and synchronized dancing rollers that automatically fine tune the media feeding process to ensure precise movements with every pass of the print head. Also a special cork covered cylinder can be activated when printing on stretchable media such as Lycra®, spandex and other sports textiles. Our system was designed to include all of the "secrets" that textile printing requires.

Print On Mesh Fabrics

The ATPColor solution is designed to easily print on open mesh fabrics such as flag material and sports textiles without marking the backside of the fabric with "blow-by" ink. The specially designed ink trough with a sponge pad absorbs any ink that passes through the fabric.

New Inks Specifically Developed

The ATPColor disperse dye sublimation inks are the most advanced and specifically formulated to date, delivering exceptional color gamut and fastness to sublimated graphics. The ultra-fine dot pattern ensures flawless, even ink coverage and deep, rich colors.

Optional Inline Cutting System

Technical Specifications

Unique Features