The perfect tool for heavy-duty jobs with extra long, extra dense material to cut. This top of the line solid metal cutter that combines the lightness of touch with industrial strength cutting power. Slice without effort through almost any flexible sheet material up to 4mm thick. These cutters are equally at home with thin films and foils due to the unique self-adjusting triple roller cutting head. Chromed 1-1/2" square steel guide rail and all metal construction eliminates distortion. Self sharpening Sheffield tungsten steel cutting wheel and counterblade. Two way cutting option by removing cover plate. Transparent clamp strip and rubber gripper for firm positive clamping action. A 10 1/2" rule and squaring arm is factory installed onto an all-metal base. Extruded aluminum satin finish baseboard with parallel indents is strong and warp-free.

Rotatrim Professional Technical Series Cutters

ROT-6030026" Rotatrim Technical CutterCuts 26" wide and 4mm thick
ROT-6031038" Rotatrim Technical CutterCuts 38" wide and 4mm thick
ROT-6032049" Rotatrim Technical CutterCuts 49" wide and 4mm thick
ROT-6033061" Rotatrim Technical CutterCuts 61" wide and 4mm thick
ROT-6034073" Rotatrim Technical CutterCuts 73" wide and 4mm thick
ROT-6035085" Rotatrim Technical CutterCuts 85" wide and 4mm thick
ROT-60360100" Rotatrim Technical CutterCuts 100" wide and 4mm thick
ROT-69305Replacement Cutting Wheel for Technical Series Cutters