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Dye Sublimation fume extraction

The Oracle DS fume extraction and filtration system has been purposely design to filter the fumes generated for Dye Sublimation printers. Using high efficiency coalescing filters and hydrophobic HEPA filters, coupled with reverse flow technology, glycol is first captured then drained from the system via an automatic valve at the rear of the unit. The revolutionary Auto-Voltage Sensing Pump automatically self adjusts to run on any voltage worldwide, while the Reverse Flow filter technology enhances filter performance and ensures longer filter life.


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Auto sensing voltage (115-230v) for global use
  • Programmable fan speed
  • Closed Loop Automatic Flow Control
  • Reverse Flow
  • Small Footprint and Low Noise levels
  • Automatic Drain Valve
  • Hose Kit

Technical Specifications