Splash of Color, Inc., a distributor of computer graphics peripherals, was founded in 1986. As a specialty distributor, we market our products through a network of resellers providing them with technical assistance, immediate availability of product and next day service to all major cities. Our specialized products enable our resellers to differentiate themselves by providing complete innovative solutions, not just products.

Specialization and Market Focus

Splash of Color specializes in the following product areas:

  • Direct-to-Fabric Printing Systems
  • Essential Tools for Cutting, Trimming & Finishing Graphics
  • Laminators, Laminates and Adhesives
  • Color Management

Splash of Color provides many tools that set it apart from the competition. These include technically competent sales representatives, inside technical support, sales and product training and a fully equipped demonstration facility... each of which improves our resellers' effectiveness in providing innovative solutions to their customers. Sales and support of products in these markets requires a diverse knowledge of hardware, software, inkjet printer & ink technology, color management, digital media and fabrics. Splash of Color is poised to support its resellers in the proper selection, configuration and installation of these solutions.